Cosmetic Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins

The preferred cosmetic treatment for beautiful results. Spider veins can negatively affect your life.

Spider veins can be problematic and unsightly for many patients. Approximately half of the women in the U.S. suffer from venous insufficiency after the age of 40, which results from high pressure in the venous system. According to a study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, over 41 percent of these women also deal with spider veins as a cosmetic condition in the lower limbs.

These fine red, blue or purple lines can cause uncomfortable symptoms and are cosmetically unappealing. While pain associated with spider veins is often uncommon, a bothersome sensation can develop over time. A vein care specialist can help with these symptoms and at the same time improve the appearance of the legs.. Dr. Jimenez of The Vein Center of Florida and The Vein Center of South Baldwin performs sclerotherapy injections to treat unsightly spider veins, blue “feeder” reticular veins, and some smaller varicose veins. During your consultation for spider vein treatment, Dr. Jimenez will offer an assessment of the veins and recommend appropriate sclerotherapy injections as needed.

Sclerotherapy Vein Treatments

Dr. Jimenez has helped numerous patients in the Florida Panhandle and along the Emerald Coast in achieving excellent cosmetic results with sclerotherapy. This procedure is the preferred nonsurgical treatment for spider veins. Dr. Jimenez performs all injections himself. The treatment is simple and painless as he injects a special sclerosing solution into the diseased surface veins. Upon contact with this medically approved solution, vein walls become irritated causing them to close off, fade, and gradually disappear. Sclerotherapy is a minimalistic approach to vein care, working from the surface of the skin without disrupting the tissues and supporting a natural healing process.

When properly performed, sclerotherapy provides for long-lasting results with a high rate of patient satisfaction. Sclerotherapy treatments target not only one branch of spider veins, but multiple branches connected to one starting point simultaneously. During injection, the treatment takes effect immediately as the vein become blanched and undistinguishable. The treatment delivers fast acting medication into the vein itself and is preferred over laser procedures for cosmetic improvement of telangiectasias or burst capillaries in the legs,

Benefits of Sclerotherapy:

  • No anesthesia
  • Less than 30 minutes per treatment session
  • Minimally invasive
  • No recovery
  • Done in the clinic with Dr. Jimenez

Sclerotherapy injections are typically performed at a frequency of four to six week intervals, if multiple treatments are required. Short term use of compression stockings may be recommended, but there is generally very little restrictions or recovery after sclerotherapy.

While spider veins are not normally a medical condition that requires immediate care, the cosmetic appearance can be troubling for many. Take the next step with cosmetic sclerotherapy and let Dr. Jimenez treat your spider veins. Whether you’re in Pensacola, Destin, Foley, or anywhere along the Emerald Coast, The Vein Center is here to help you. Call 800-910-VEIN to request your complimentary vein screening today.