A Simple Step-by-Step Guide for the Typical Patient

May 24, 2022

If you are like most people, you might be a little nervous about the vein treatment process. Sometimes, people can be overwhelmed when they begin a new journey, and nothing is scarier than the thought of the unknown. We hear our patients talk about it all the time.

To help rectify that concern, we wanted to give you an easy-to-understand guide about what to expect at each stage of the process. We hope this will help you realize that the scariest part about the process is making the decision to start — everything after that is smooth sailing.

Scheduling Your Appointment

  1. Call our office number or fill out our online contact form
  2. Speak with one of our comforting and knowledgeable team members
  3. Go over the patient packet we send and fill out the questions about your demographics, medical history, etc.
  4. Schedule your consultation either that week or the week after, as needed for your own schedule
  5. Gather a list of questions and concerns that you have about the possibility of having treatment

Going to the Consultation

  1. Be greeted by the front office staff and introduced to your team
  2. Turn in your paperwork (or fill it out if you didn’t have a chance to do it ahead of time)
  3. Submit your insurance card and ID card to make copies for your file
  4. Wait a very short amount of time in the lobby for your medical team to prepare
  5. Go back into one of the medical offices for your consultation
  6. Change into very stylish black medical shorts if you are wearing anything that covers the legs
  7. Review your file with Dr. J
  8. Ask Dr. J your questions and bring up your concerns
  9. Have the physical examination performed and hear the recommended treatment
  10. Book your ultrasound with Dr. J as needed

Getting Your Ultrasound If Needed

  1. Once again, don your designer medical shorts (if needed)
  2. Brought back into the ultrasound room
  3. Begin imaging on your back
  4. Stand up for more imaging
  5. Dr. J conducts the ultrasounds himself and immediately analyzes them
  6. Recommends the best procedure to move forward with
  7. Dr. J schedules the procedure himself
  8. You are given pre-procedure instructions to follow
  9. Receive reminders and courtesy calls as your procedure day draws near
  10. Any of your questions or concerns are addressed

Having Your Procedure

  1. Procedures are scheduled based on the scope of work needed
  2. Multiple procedures may be necessary for optimal results
  3. Once again, given the designer medical shorts
  4. If you are nervous, valium may be given
  5. You are given numbing agents or anesthesia as needed
  6. The procedure is performed with minimal pain and discomfort
  7. You are given post-operative instructions
  8. You are sent on your way home to begin recovery

Following Up

  1. Dr. J will schedule your follow up within the first week after your procedure
  2. An additional follow up will be scheduled for about 3 months post procedure
  3. Additional follow up is rarely necessary
  4. Enjoy your improved condition and show off your new look to the world

We hope that this simple guide will help you feel better about the process. If you have a general idea of what to expect during each of these steps, it is much more likely that you will feel comfortable about proceeding with treatment at the Vein Center of Florida. We have multiple offices tailored to your location, and we appreciate your practice.