4 Reasons You Need to Schedule a Vein Screening

September 15, 2015

Reasons You Need to Schedule a Vein Screening | Varicose Vein Treatment Center | South Baldwin

You know those bulging, twisting varicose veins on your lower leg are unattractive, but did you also know they might be a sign of a more serious, underlying vein condition? A vein screening is a necessary tool to let your physician know if there are any issues going on underneath the surface that need to be addressed in your treatment program. At Vein Center of Florida & South Baldwin, we have four good reasons to take the time for a vein screening before discussing treatment for your varicose veins.

Non-Invasive Procedure
Vein screening is a non-invasive way to determine how your veins are functioning. These examinations typically include a focused medical history, visual examination of your veins, and Doppler assessment of the abnormal veins. In some cases, ultrasound may be recommended to see inside the veins to determine how well blood is moving through the vessels. None of these tests require incisions, anesthesia or even preparation beforehand, making vein screening an easy and necessary part of the vein treatment process.

Insurance Coverage
In many cases, varicose vein treatment may be covered at least in part by your insurance company. To qualify for coverage, many companies require description of symptoms and documentation of non-invasive conservative treatment.  Vein assessment by a qualified physician is a necessary part of determining whether treatment will provide medical benefit and thus be covered by insurance.

Potential Risks Of Untreated Varicose Veins.
Besides being unsightly, untreated varicose veins predispose an individual to certain medical conditions. People with varicose veins have a higher risk of skin changes, leg ulcers, and deep vein thrombosis or DVT. Any of these can lead to significant medical issues which may be very difficult to manage. Vein screening will help educate a patient and understand how significant their broken veins are.

Chronic Venous Insufficiency
Varicose veins may also be associated with a condition known as chronic venous insufficiency or CVI. CVI occurs when the small valves inside the veins become damaged or wear out, allowing blood to pool in the lower legs. This leads to swelling of the vessels, the appearance of varicose veins, and chronic leg swelling among other things. A vein screening can detect CVI to determine the best treatment protocol for the condition, while also eliminating unsightly varicose veins.

At Vein Center of Florida & South Baldwin, we offer free vein screenings to diagnose vein conditions and recommend the best vein treatment for you. To learn more about our screening options, contact Vein Center of Florida & South Baldwin at 800-910-VEIN.