A Few Reasons to Have Your Vein Treatment this Winter

December 16, 2015

Your varicose veins may be safely under wraps for the winter season, but summer will return before you know it. Why not take advantage of the cooler weather to move forward with that vein treatment you have been considering? There are a number of reasons why winter is the perfect time of year to say goodbye to those unsightly bulging vessels once and for all.

Covering Up the Evidence

Vein treatments today are minimally-invasive, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a few telltale signs that you had a procedure done. Minor bruising and discoloration is common after these procedures and typically subsides within weeks. In the meantime, you can hide your treated legs under long pants and tights until they heal completely.

Compression Stocking Comfort

Compression stockings are usually a must after most vein treatments. These stockings offer gradient pressure that improves circulation and aids healing to the area. In the cooler months of winter, it can be much more comfortable to wear these stockings as prescribed. In addition, you can hide your stockings underneath clothing until your legs are ready for baring.

Protecting Your Skin

Many vein treatments today, particularly those that use injecting agents or laser therapy, require you to keep treated skin out of the sun for a number of weeks. This ensures the skin in the area does not become discolored after treatment, which can sometimes be a permanent side effect. While the sun may shine in Florida throughout the winter months, cooler temperatures allow you to keep those legs safely protected under winter clothing.

Getting Ready for Summer

Vein treatments today often take some time before the full results can be seen. A few, such as sclerotherapy, may require more than one treatment session to achieve full desired results. If you start your vein treatment now, your legs will be ready to show off by the time spring break rolls around.

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