EVLT: Gold Standard in Vein Treatment

November 11, 2016

Varicose veins are a common affliction for both men and women, leading to physical pain as well as cosmetic embarrassment for many. Surgical vein treatments were the recommended treatments protocol until fairly recently. These procedures required general anesthesia, a hospital stay and a long and painful recovery process. Fortunately, surgical procedures have now been replaced with less invasive treatments that offer even better results without the discomfort and long recovery. One of the best vein treatments, often referred to as the gold standard in varicose veins elimination, is EVLT.

The Laser Factor

EVLT stands for endovenous laser treatment, a procedure that uses laser energy to ablate diseased veins. The laser energy is delivered directly into the vessel using a narrow tube called a catheter. The laser heats the interior of the vein, which causes the vessel to seal closed. Once the vein is sealed, it collapses and is reabsorbed by the body over time. Blood is rerouted to healthy veins nearby, lowering pressure inside the veins and maximizing blood flow in the lower leg once again.

What is Minimally Invasive?

EVLT is considered a minimally-invasive treatment. What does that mean? First, it means the procedure can be performed using local anesthetic rather than general anesthesia. This reduces the risks associated with the procedure, as well as your recovery time afterward. In addition, the puncture marks used to insert the catheter are extremely small, which means no need for sutures and no visible scarring left behind. Finally, this treatment is done on an outpatient basis, which means no extended recovery or overnight stay.

Treating the Source

EVLT is an effective procedure for varicose veins because it actually treats the affected vein from the inside out. The vein is completely eliminated by natural body processes and blood is rerouted to healthier vessels. With the affected vein gone, symptoms associated with the varicose vein like leg heaviness and pain are also eradicated. This makes EVLT more than a cosmetic procedure; the treatment actually addresses varicose veins at the source leading to greater vascular health overall.

Fast Treatment, No Downtime

EVLT is a much faster treatment than traditional vein surgery. You will likely be in and out of office within about one hour. Because the procedure only uses local anesthesia and involves little or no discomfort, you will likely be able to return to your daily schedule right away. You may be given compression stockings to wear for the first few days to encourage healing of the treatment area, but these should not interfere with most of your regular activities. The quick nature of the procedure allows you to say goodbye to those troublesome veins without missing a beat in your normal routine.

Proven Results

EVLT boasts a very high success rate compared to past surgical procedures. Success rates are as high as 98 percent for most patients. This means that once your vein is treated, you can rest assured it is not likely to recur. If you are at particularly high risk for varicose veins, due to family or personal history or long periods of standing at your job, Dr. Jimenez can discuss preventative measures you can take to avoid other varicose veins from forming.

With little discomfort, no downtime and high success rates, it is no wonder EVLT is considered the gold standard in vein treatment today. To learn more about this procedure or find out if EVLT is right for you, contact the Vein Center of Florida & South Baldwin at 800-910-8346.