Legs and More: Where will You Find Spider and Varicose Veins?

March 28, 2017

spider varicose veins

When you think of spider and varicose veins, those visible lines on your legs are probably what come to mind. While the legs are the most common place to see these veins develop, they are not the only one. Check out these surprising areas where those visible veins might crop up.

Arms and Hands

While more unusual than the legs, it is not unheard of to see varicose veins appear on the arms and hands. However, bulging veins on the backs of the hands do not necessarily fall into this category. These veins may look varicose because the skin surrounding the veins has thinned and made them more prominent. However, treatment will likely involve restoring volume to the back of the hand rather than eliminating the vein. When varicose veins do appear, they can be treated in a similar fashion to varicose veins on other areas of the body.


Spider veins can form on the face, creating a significant cosmetic nuisance. These veins are often caused by sun exposure or may be the result of an underlying medical condition. Facial veins can also appear with too much alcohol consumption or the use of certain medications. Spider veins on the face can often be treated with minimally-invasive procedures, clearing up your complexion and restoring your confidence in your appearance.


Bulging blue veins can also appear on the breasts, particularly in women that have implants. These lines can also make a woman self-conscious about her appearance, especially when they develop in the cleavage. While these veins do not typically indicate a serious medical issue, they can be treated for cosmetic purpose, often using the same methods that are used to remove varicose veins on the legs.


Most women never expect to get varicose veins “down there,” but it can happen. These veins often develop during pregnancy, when veins in the area can become damaged due to the additional pressure from the expanding uterus. Unfortunately, vaginal varicose veins can also be very uncomfortable.


Varicose veins in this area are more commonly referred to as hemorrhoids, and they can also be irritating and uncomfortable. These veins usually become damaged because of straining during bowel movements. In addition to their discomfort, hemorrhoids can bleed from time to time, which can be distressing to sufferers.

Most varicose veins are caused by an underlying vein condition known as venous reflux, which occurs when small valves inside the vessel stop working. This allows blood to reflux into the vein so the vein weakens and swells. These veins can often be treated by eliminating the damaged vein so that blood can reroute naturally to healthy veins nearby.

At the Vein Center of Florida, Dr. Jimenez primarily focuses on treating spider and varicose veins that appear on the legs. However, we can also address spider veins that appear on other areas of the body in certain patients. Contact the Vein Center of Florida & South Baldwin at 800-910-8346 to find out how our treatments can help you say goodbye to spider and varicose veins for good.