Patient Testimonials at The Vein Center of Florida and The Vein Center of South Baldwin

Read what patients of Dr. James Jimenez have to say about their vein treatments.

The pain I was experiencing is gone! All of the lumpy veins behind my knees are gone. I am able to bend my legs and do yoga again. No more sleepless nights due to legs throbbing. Best darn vein clinic in town!
– Debra B

From the moment I walked into The Vein Center, I was met with warmth and professionalism that immediately
put me at ease. Undergoing the EVLT procedure appeared daunting at first, but Dr. J’s thorough explanation
and informative approach dispelled all my apprehensions. His expertise was evident as he walked me through
the process with remarkable clarity, ensuring l understood every step before we proceeded.

The staff, from the receptionists to the nurses, were equally impressive. Their friendly demeanor and attentive
care created a comforting environment that played a significant role in my recovery. They were always
available to answer any questions I had, and their smiles were a constant source of encouragement.

The results of the procedure speak for themselves. Not only has it alleviated my symptoms, but it has also
significantly improved the quality of my daily life. I feel more active, energetic, and confident. The
transformation is both physical and emotional.
– Kate

I’m very pleased! My veins have definitely improved and look so much better (hardly detectable after just a few months)! The entire staff is helpful, friendly and knowledgable!
– Katy

Worth every minute – through the entire process! Constant pain is gone. Throbbing gone. Bigger veins are no longer visible. 
– Valerie

The EVLT procedure has enhanced my mobility & overall quality of life. Dr. Jimenez and staff are great! Very professional, engaging, and take the time the time to explain everything thoroughly.
– Dianne

I already have and will continue to recommend Dr. Jimenez. During the procedure, he consistently asked for feedback in regard to any pain and told me step-by-step what he was doing.
– Jeana

Very nice staff and Dr. Jimenez is kind, caring and focused on the needs of the patient.
– Kristine

The procedure reduced the aches and tired feeling I would have after being on my feet for long periods of time. Dr. J and his staff are caring and professional!
– Connie J

I would highly recommend Dr. Jimenez to a friend or family. The improvement in my leg is extraordinary!
– Jammie P

Dr. Jimenez listens to his patients and explains things in a clear & open way. My treatment has changed my life and allowed me to return fully to the lifestyle I enjoy.
– Sandra N

Great experience! Everyone is friendly and welcoming. The Dr. explained everything before the procedure.
– Teresa J

Thank you EVLT & Dr. Jimenez for giving me the confidence to wear shorts again. EVLT works!
– Kelly B

Dr. J takes the time to fully explain each procedure and what to expect. He also covered the amount of time it takes to fully heal. I am wearing shorts for the first time in over 30 years! No more bulging veins – it’s fantastic!
– Karen H

It is so quick and easy. I should have come in sooner. Dr. Jimenez is an excellent doctor. Thank you for making my legs look great again!
– Laura L

EVLT is the best thing I have done. My legs don’t feel so heavy and ache at night, and the restless feeling is improving. Dr. J and his staff are wonderful and caring. He explains everything he’s doing and answers any questions you may have. My experience was awesome, wouldn’t change a thing!
– Jamie B.

I have had great results with EVLT. I was having a lot of pain and swelling in my legs and ankle. After the treatment, the pain and swelling have gone and now I can be on my feet all day without any discomfort.

If you have a vein problem, don’t wait! Check out EVLT. You’ll be glad you did.
– Martha Q.

Everyone was very kind and clm. That helped me to not be so anxious going into the procedure. I no longer have a big vein in my leg, so I am now less self-conscious. Also, my leg doesn’t hurt anymore. I am very please with the results.
– Jordyn S.

Relaxed atmostphere, easy recovery. Everyone was wonderful.
– Debra S.

The EVLT procedure helped me gain more confidence. I can finally wear shorts without feeling self-conscious. I am very pleased with my results. Life changing.
– Lee Ann C.

Dr. Jimenez explained the procedures extremely well and made sure I fully understood the plan. The results exceeded my expectations. Legs look great. I fully recommend anyone with unsightly veins to consider having Dr. Jimenez remove them.
– Herbert B.

– Chris C.

The bulging veins are gone! My legs don’t ache much now, and I sleep better. Everyone is friendly and professional. Great care before, during, and after the treatments.
– Yvonne R.

Dr. Jiminez is to me the essence of a good doctor: personable, concerned for your care, informative, humorous, punctual, does what he says, very competent! My wife and I have both had positive results. I am completely satisfied.
– James S.

The pain and cramping in my legs have decreased tremendously. I am also no longer embarrassed by their appearance. The procedure was painless with a quick recovery. Dr. J and staff are the best! Dr. J all the way! Don’t hesitate – go today!
– Jack K.

The best thing about the EVLT procedure is no more pain, especially at night. I also have more energy, and my legs aren’t as tired and heavy. I wish I had known about Dr. Jimenez 20 years ago. He and his staff are very caring, compassionate, and professional!
– Vicki H.

The best thing about the EVLT procedure was the beginning-to-end continuum that Dr. Jimenez offers. From the initial sonogram through the procedure and 2-mo follow-up. Both the doctor & staff were beholden to me, the patient – and that care was obvious. I am exceptionally pleased with my vein results and the entirety of the procedure.
– Janice W.

I love Dr. J and his staff. All of them were very courteous, friendly, and awesome!
– Jennifer

I had tired legs that ached every day. I don’t have that anymore, amazingly! And the bad area of spider veins I had is completely gone now. Dr. J is very calm, hands-on, and does everything himself. I am very appreciative of having such a great outcome for a minimal amount of time and little discomfort.
– Patricia

I felt very little discomfort during my EVLT procedure, and no discomfort at all afterward, so it was easy peasy. The procedure had great results. No more ankle swelling and my legs don’t feel heavy at all. Also, the ropey veins are gone! Dr. Jimenez’s so easy to work with. He explains all that he is doing, and I have complete confidence that he really knows what he’s doing. I would completely recommend Dr. Jimenez.
-Debbie G.

Dr. Jimenez and staff are among the most efficient and expedient people I have had the pleasure to deal with. They always had smiles on their faces and made you feel at home in their office. Dr. Jimenez is a very caring and compassionate caregiver. He takes the time to explain everything.
-JoAnn E.

Getting the EVLT procedure was the best decision that I have ever made! I had big veins in the top of my leg that are completely gone. And Dr. J took his time to clear up anything else on my legs that may be a problem in the future. Dr. J is very kind and most professional, great to work with. I have already recommended him to my friends!
– E. H.

The EVLT procedure was life-changing. The large ugly veins are gone, and my legs look and feel much better. I would definitely recommend Dr. J. He’s very friendly and easy to talk to.
-Brian C.

I am extremely pleased with my final results. My leg is smooth and knot free. I was able to jump back into exercising as my leg feels stronger. I have more confidence wearing shorts again and not having to worry about bulging veins that were part of my life. The overall results are more than I expected.
-Stephanie D.

My legs do not tire out and ache at the end of the day. I do not experience any discomfort when flying. Dr. Jimenez and staff were very friendly, caring and professional.
-Laura H.

Dr. Jimenez explains the procedure, cares about your comfort and has great bedside manner.
-Patricia K.

My experience with Dr. Jimenez and staff has been all positive. Specifically, the promptness and courteousness displayed, as well as results I’ve received from expert treatment providers.
-Brenda A.

“No more pain or aching legs.

“I am very pleased with the results. I can now wear workout pants and the bulges on my legs have gone.

“Dr. Jimenez was so good with me. I had no fear of the laser surgery. Both him and his nurse were very kind to me while he did the surgery.

“I have had both legs done in the past elsewhere and never got these results before.”
– Margaret P.

“EVLT is a pain-free procedure. Within a short period of time, you can see the results, and in the case of varicose veins, the pain is gone!

“The veins in my legs always embarrassed me. Now I can wear different clothes rather than always wearing ‘pants’ to cover up.

“The doctor and staff were very professional and fully explained the procedures.

“I certainly would recommend Dr. Jimenez. Simply put – he’s good!”
– Marianne B.

“EVLT is easy. No hospitalization with only a day or two for down time.

“Dr. Jimenez treated me with success. Not only is the appearance nice, I love the fact that I no longer have tired and aching legs.

“I have had my veins treated in the past… However, my varicose veins came right back along with my tired legs. So seeing such a success as I do now, I am very pleased and happy.

“I thought the staff was warm and friendly.

“I especially liked how long Dr. Jimenez spent to examine me. I knew that I had made the right choice because he was so conscientious and actually cared that his treatment would be successful. And of course, I am extremely pleased with the results.”
– Lee G.

“EVLT gave me my life back! The lack of pain is the best! I had lived with it so long, I didn’t know how normal felt anymore. My energy level is another part I enjoy.

“The doctor and staff were priceless. By faith I made that first call. I wasn’t just scared; but I was ashamed to show the leg that had become a part of me. EVLT was the hardest best thing I ever did!

“I will always be grateful to Dr. J and Carmen for their compassionate care.”
– Laura P.

“EVLT was a painless procedure with quick recovery. Couldn’t believe I was up and walking immediately after the procedure. Great results!

“After many years of living with the embarrassment of such unsightly veins, I now feel more confident and outgoing. I am truly grateful for Dr. Jimenez and his staff. Very professional , skilled and compassionate. They have changed my life.

“I highly recommend Dr. Jimenez. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and truly cares for his patients.

“The EVLT procedure Dr. Jimenez performed has been a life-changing experience. I can now wear shorts and dresses with confidence instead of feeling embarrassed. No more ‘covering up’.

“I am very happy with my results. I have been and will continue to recommend Dr. Jimenez to others.”
– Mary W.

“No more aching pain in my legs and ugly veins are gone. ’m very pleased with the results as I no longer need to sit with my legs elevated in order to relieve my leg pain.

“EVLT exceeded my expectations and I’d recommend Dr. Jimenez to my best friends.

“Dr. Jimenez is not only a very good vein specialist, but he and his staff go out of their way to ensure the patient is totally comfortable with the procedure both before and after the procedure.

“I am absolutely willing to be used as a reference for others who are considering the procedure.”
– Thomas S.

” I am, for the first time in a dozen or more years, free of swelling, burning and aching in my feet and legs. I can now remove my shoes and stockings in the evenings without the rush of discomfort. EVLT has provided heavenly relief!

“Dr. Jimenez is one of a dying breed! The compassion and the ability to put the patients at ease is a rare find among medical professionals today.

“I would consider it not only a privilege, but an obligation to recommend Dr. Jimenez and his staff.

“Please open a Vein Center a little closer to Mobile. Not to worry! I will travel to where Dr. J and his staff are – If you can’t move them closer to me.”
– Bette B.

“EVLT is very effective with very quick results.

“Dr. Jimenez and his staff are very caring and concerned about their patients.

“Dr. Jimenez was able to help me where no other doctor could or would, because I had had a previous ‘vein stripping’. He was willing to tackle the problem and my legs are much improved. It has made a tremendous difference in how I feel.

“Thank you Dr. Jimenez! I had forgotten over the years of suffering with veins, how good it can really feel when the problem is corrected.”
– Judith W.

“On a scale of 1-10, my experience with the EVLT procedure would be a 10. It was very effective!

“I would highly recommend Dr. Jimenez to anyone seeking professional care for varicose veins. His experience and expertise provide very successful treatments.”
– Martha S.

“I have recommended Dr. Jimenez many times and my friends also like their results.

“My legs were treated in 2008 and they are still the best looking legs I ever had.

“What can I say, I’m a happy customer!”
– Doris A.

“I had this procedure before elsewhere and it was very painful and I did not get good results. But Dr. Jimenez was great. Very little pain or discomfort after. I wish I had known Dr. Jimenez sooner.

“Thanks Dr. Jimenez and staff. God bless.”
– Linda E.

“I was pleased with my experience. My legs are pain free now and I don’t feel like I have to hide my legs.

“I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone seeking vein treatment. The bulging veins are gone and no scars are left behind.”
– Tonya M.

“I was surprised at the dramatic results for EVLT in such a short amount of time.

“Dr. Jimenez constantly communicates while he is doing the procedure which puts me at ease. His staff is terrific.

“I would certainly recommend Dr. Jimenez to anyone wanting to get EVLT or spider vein treatment. They would be treated as well as I was, I’m sure.

“Dr. Jimenez, thanks to you and your great staff for making my vein procedures successful.”
– Victoria F.

“I am very pleased with the results. I am glad I had my veins treated. I wish EVLT had been available to me years ago!

“I am just glad that I saw Dr. Jimenez’s ad in the newspaper way back in 2007.”
– Josephine D.

“It was a very tolerable procedure and the outcome is well worth the results. I wish I had it done years ago.

“The doctor and staff were very informative and pleasant to work with and answered all my questions.

“I would have and have recommended Dr. Jimenez to several of my friends. He came highly recommended from several people in the medical field that I know.”
– Doris S.

“I love the quiet and order of the Vein Center. A crazy office makes me run away. One on one discussion and answering all my questions (both by Dr. and staff) was important.

“I had a knee replacement within the year after I had my veins treated and I was told by the surgeon that I did him and myself a favor by having the vein procedures prior to knee surgery. Healing has been excellent.

“I have recommended Dr. Jimenez to family members and friends. Their results have been positive too! I know the ” before and after” and I want the “after” for my family and friends as well.”
– Suzette B.

“The procedures have been blessing to me. Fast, very little pain, and working immediately.

“I am very pleased with the results. It has kept me out of the hospital and maybe kept me from losing a leg or foot.

“The doctor and staff have always been friendly and tell you what to expect and they have been right on target.

“I already have recommended Dr. Jimenez. I feel that he is the best in the profession.”
– Reuben W.

“EVLT corrected my swelling and pain from varicose veins and took away my unsightly spider veins.

“Everything has been a positive experience. Dr. Jimenez is thorough and advises you as to what needs to be done to accomplish the best results. I have recommended him to friends and they feel the same way I do.”
– Vivian M.

“Effective, painless, wonderful staff. Results are very good. Overall experience was great.”
– Susan R.

“Wonderful staff. Dr. J is very knowledgable + explained procedures with specific details and recovery expectations. 10 out of 10!”
– Susan G.

“The procedure has helped me by having more energy in my legs and boosting my self-esteem. The best thing is being more confident about wearing shorts in public. My sister recommended Dr. Jimenez to me, and I would recommend him. He knows what he is doing.”
– Dianne H.

“My experience with EVLT was amazing. Quick recovery. Results only took two weeks to see.”
– Maryanne A.

“My legs look so much better. The big bugly rolling and unsightly veins are gone! The procedure was very easy on my body, less painful than I expected, and left no scars.”
– Margaret R.

“The EVLT procedure was pain free and I am pleased with my results. Don’t wait! “
– Laura T.

“Goodbye cramping legs! Amazing procedure and not painful! Vein Center is a great place to have an EVLT. Dr. Jimenez is great!”
– E.B.

“They were very pleasant and easy to work with. A good process produces good results. I can feel better wearing shorts.”
– Donald K.

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