Ambulatory Phlebectomy to Effectively Treat Larger Varicose Veins

Minimally invasive, in-office solutions for problem veins.

Dr. Jimenez may use ambulatory microphlebectomy to treat large surface varicose veins that are too big to treat with sclerotherapy or too small to treat with EVLT™.

A microsurgical technique with very small incisions.
Ambulatory phlebectomy is a minimally invasive, microsurgical technique used to remove varicose veins near the surface of the skin and it:

  • Requires only local anesthesia as Dr. Jimenez carefully and precisely removes segments of the problem vein through tiny incisions.
  • Is performed in an hour or less in our offices at The Vein Center of Florida and The Vein Center of South Baldwin.
  • Results in nearly imperceptible puncture marks.
  • Requires the wearing of a compression bandage and compression stocking for a few days to minimize swelling and allow for proper healing.
  • Can often be combined with EVLT™ to achieve optimal results.

ambulatory phlebectomy patient before and after

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