7 Beach Activities to Shape Up Your Legs in Florida

April 19, 2016

hape Up Your Legs in South Baldwin

hape Up Your Legs in South Baldwin

It won’t be long before the beach starts to call this season. Make your time in the sun and sand count this year by participating in beach activities that tighten and tone up your legs. In addition to the fabulous cosmetic benefits you will reap, your lower leg veins will be sure to thank you for their additional support at well. Vein Center of Florida has a few beach activities that are so much fun, you won’t even realize your legs (and the rest of your body) are getting a workout.

Beach Volleyball

There are few activities more fun and social than playing beach volleyball with friends. In addition to the exceptional aerobic benefits you will reap, this sport offers a significant workout for the calf muscles without the high impact of other beneficial workouts. Plus, you will likely get so into the competition mode, you won’t realize how much work your body is actually doing.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

In addition to being lots of fun and rather relaxing, stand up paddle boarding offers a full body workout. This activity has even become a popular option for cross-trainers because it offers such a myriad of fitness benefits. You may think merely standing on the board wouldn’t give your legs much of a workout, but maintaining that slight bend in the knee as you coast along the water works those muscles much more than you realize.

Beach Walking

A simple stroll along the beach can be a great way to flex your calf muscles. Walking on the sand is much more challenging than walking on pavement, which means your legs have to call on even more muscle power to keep them moving. You will so be so busy enjoying the feeling of the sand between your toes, you won’t notice how many miles you end up walking.

Water Wading

Take your beach walk to the next level by immersing your legs in water about to the knee level. Water adds resistance to the mix, which ramps up your muscle workout significantly. Plus, the temperature change of the water will help you keep your cool so you can walk that much farther.


Even simple childhood games like Frisbee can give you an excellent workout without skimping on fun. Tossing a Frisbee will give your legs the extra work they need by forcing you to make some fast moves on the sand. Plus, the calories you burn during your game will give your entire body a tighter, leaner feel.


Bodyboarding is a great way to get into the water before you are completely ready for the surfing scene. Bodyboards are smaller than surfboards and are designed for you to lay on your stomach as you ride the waves. Fins are also worn so you can kick your way to the wave – and give your legs a fabulous workout at the same time.  


There are few more effective ways to completely shred the body than surfing. This workout is as good for your legs as it is for your midsection and guarantees to tone and firm up every muscle in the calves and thighs. Surfing takes plenty of practice and patience, but the rewards are far-reaching.

If swollen, painful varicose veins are threatening to keep you out of the action this summer, now is the time to seek treatment. At the Vein Center of Florida & South Baldwin, we offer minimally-invasive treatments that eliminate those uncomfortable veins and their symptoms. To learn more, contact our office today at 800-910-8346.