How to Choose The Right Surgeon to Treat Your Varicose Veins

November 28, 2022

Once you’ve decided you’re no longer going to let unsightly varicose veins keep you from enjoying life, you’re likely to start searching online for the right surgeon to help you. Leg vein problems aren’t only unpleasant to look at, they’re also unhealthy and should be treated as soon as possible.

Untreated varicose veins can cause chronic venous insufficiency, one cause of severe varicose veins, which affects your ability to bring blood back up to your heart. This leads to a host of other health issues, such as:

  • Increased pain and swelling
  • Tiredness and weakness
  • Lipodermatosclerosis: inflammation of the layer of fat under the skin
  • Ulcers
  • Spontaneous bleeding
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Blood clots

So how do you pick the right person to fix your leg vein issues before they worsen? We can help you with that. Keep reading to understand more about what goes into making a good decision for your varicose veins.

What Should You Look For in a Leg Vein Surgeon?

It’s essential to make sure you choose a board-certified surgeon trained to prevent the adverse outcomes of varicosities like discoloration of the skin, scars, numbness, tingling, or chronic pain around the treated area.

A true venous and lymphatic medicine specialist will be adept at preventing possible treatment complications like excessive bleeding, blood clots or injury to adjacent veins or blood vessels. And in the rare event of a complication, having someone who knows so much about veins and treating them will go a long way to ensuring your safety and healing.

We suggest you look at someone experienced and with an excellent track record, such as our very own Dr. Jimenez.

Figuring Out Which Treatment Would Be Best For Your Varicose Leg Veins

It all starts with a consultation. Dr. Jimenez begins with an in-depth discussion to understand what’s going on with your venous system and why. Knowing the underlying causes of your vein troubles and overall general health goes a long way toward predicting how certain treatments may affect you.

Together you will agree on a journey to repair the damaged venules and vessels contributing to your varicose dilemma. There are three options you’re most likely to have performed.


One of the most widely used treatments for varicose veins is EVLT, or Endovenous Laser Treatment, which is the standard for most patients. EVLT is a quickly performed and minimally invasive outpatient procedure that offers patients little to no downtime and a very high success rate.

EVLT is designed to close each varicose vein at its source, causing it to atrophy and allowing your body to reabsorb it. The veins essentially disappear, taking all difficulties with them. Using ultrasound guidance, a tiny catheter is inserted into affected veins, applying laser energy and ablating them. And there’s no need to worry about these veins disappearing since your body will automatically re-route your blood flow to healthier ones.

EVLT procedures can take as little as 30 minutes in the office, with minimal restrictions after your procedure and the ability to return to your typical life immediately.

Foam Sclerotherapy

Ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy is a very effective treatment for small varicose veins and weak or broken tributary veins. It’s also a quick and painless procedure performed in our office using microinjections of a “sclerosant.” This works on the smaller veins similarly to EVLT on larger ones.

It can be used during follow-up visits after EVLT to make sure all the veins are treated, and it’s also noninvasive, so you can expect to go about the rest of your day with little or no restrictions after.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Another notable method to finally correct varicose veins is ambulatory phlebectomy, a minimally invasive microsurgical technique that removes varicose veins near the skin’s surface. This time Dr. Jimenez inserts a tiny hook through micro incisions to extract small portions of the bulging veins.

Only local anesthesia is required for this treatment which takes an hour or less in our offices at The Vein Center of Florida and can also be combined with EVLT to achieve optimal results for different sizes and types of veins.

What Goes Into Making a Big Decision About Your Veins

There are many factors, such as your lifestyle, general health condition and the amount and size of your damaged veins. You can assist your varicose veins with personal changes. Dr. Jimenez will peer into the following when choosing the procedures best suited for your legs:

  • Genetics
  • Obesity
  • Occupation
  • Standing or sitting for long periods of time
  • Pregnancy
  • Age
  • Gender assigned at birth (Women are more likely to have varicosities)

While most of those are out of your hands, you can change some items on the list above with movement and dietary modifications that lead to better health. Others can improve with other choices or time.

Choose Dr. Jimenez of Emerald Coast If You Want To Leave Feeling Like This:

“I especially liked how long Dr. Jimenez spent examining me. I knew that I had made the right choice because he was so conscientious and actually cared that his treatment would be successful. And of course, I am extremely pleased with the results.” –Lee G.

“My legs feel younger and stronger. Dr. Jimenez is a rockstar in vein health!!” –Chris C.

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Dr. Jimenez was the first in Escambia County to use EVLT and is a pioneer for the procedure, being the leading expert in our area. He also has extensive experience in using foam sclerotherapy, helping thousands of patients achieve excellent results, and he also makes wise use of the ambulatory phlebectomy method.

Whether in Pensacola, Destin or surrounding areas, the Vein Center is here to help you with one of the many therapy methods at our disposal that will serve your needs best. Call our office at 1-800-910-VEIN to get started with Dr. Jimenez, or request your free vein screening today with our online form to see your best treatment options. The wait is over!