How Do Varicose Veins Affect the Skin?

November 8, 2017

woman with varicose veins

On top of being unsightly and embarrassing, bulging varicose veins can create a whole host of problems for your skin. Many people may consider varicose veins to simply be an aesthetic concern, but they can cause severe discomfort and lasting skin conditions if left untreated.

From varicose eczema, to spider veins, to leg ulcers, venous insufficiency can create a wide range of complications and should be treated by a doctor right away.

When age and heredity cause the valves in our veins to weaken, blood begins to backflow and varicose veins develop. If you start noticing any changes in your skin, schedule an appointment with Dr. Jimenez immediately. If left untreated, some changes, like skin discoloration, can become permanent. Some skin changes you may experience as a result of venous insufficiency include:

  • Itching and irritation
  • Dry, flaky or crusty skin
  • Reddish-brown discoloration
  • Patches of spider veins
  • Leg cramps or heaviness
  • Development of skin ulcers near the ankles

Can Varicose Veins Be Prevented?

Unfortunately, varicose veins are often a symptom of aging that really cannot be prevented. The best thing you can do for your body is to exercise regularly and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. If you notice the development of bulging, twisting veins in your legs or begin experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, schedule an appointment with Dr. Jimenez right away before the changes become permanent.

When left untreated for long periods of time, the high pressures of varicose veins force blood and fluids through the weakened vein walls and into the surrounding tissues and skin. This trapped fluid causes the skin to develop the painful and irritating conditions that may be irreversible if left alone for too long.

Recovery and Treatment

Dr. Jimenez offers a variety of procedures to treat venous insufficiency and varicose veins, including laser treatment and sclerotherapy. Correcting varicose veins will clear the afflicted area of backed-up fluids and provide the area with fresh blood and nutrients, but the skin changes may remain permanent. With the help of vein procedures and topical treatments, your body’s natural healing process can get to work correcting any skin afflictions you may be experiencing.

Various medicated products exist to treat afflictions caused by varicose veins, but the best course of action to correct them is to seek treatment. When skin changes develop, it’s a sign that the underlying venous issue is worsening and you should schedule an appointment immediately. If left untreated, venous insufficiency can create leg ulcers, a serious condition caused by trapped fluid from weakened veins. They can be very serious and tend to leave permanent discoloration and scarring.

If you’ve noticed the development of varicose veins or are experiencing symptoms related to venous insufficiency, be sure to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jimenez immediately. Give the Vein Center of Florida & South Baldwin a call today at 1-800- 910-VEIN and protect your skin.